Virtual Text Booth
Great for a virtual graduation!!!

The virtual text booth is one of two new virtual photo experiences that we are offering….

2020 has seen the live event put on hold in favor of more virtual events.  This has left events looking for new ways to resonate with potential event attendees.  That led us to introduce this new virtual event service.  Guests can text a photo from their phone (either from their camera roll or a new photo) to a special number we set up for the event and the booth returns a photo with a custom graphic border added to it.  Also, a gallery of ALL images, from all of the events participants can be added for a small additional charge.

This experience is a budget friendly program designed to get your guests a branded event memento while getting them to become a part of the event.  Photos from the gallery can easily be added to a slide show to make truly interactive to virtual guests anywhere.

To see a gallery from one of our virtual events, click here.

This virtual experience starts at $195.   The price includes: unlimited photos, custom graphic(s).   We also can set up a branded gallery to host all of the photos from the event.

Three photos with borders created with our virtual text booth.
Three Virtual Text Booth photos