AI Photo Booth

Welcome to the future!! The AI photo booth is a cool new advanced version of the traditional photo booth, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) to produce creative and personalized photo outputs.

AI Face Swap Booth

AI Face Swap Booth uses facial recognition and artificial intelligence to seamlessly replace your face with a myriad of entertaining options. Choose a superhero, a space explorer, or even your favorite animated character, all with a click. The AI adjusts features like eyes, mouth, and expressions for a photo that is incredibly realistic.

AI Theme Booth (Face Swap Included)

Every snapshot is a journey through carefully curated pre-made themes. Choose from a library of themes across eras, cultures, and genres. Dive into the glamour of a vintage Hollywood setting, transport yourself to a tropical paradise, or explore the wonders of outer space. Just choose your favorite theme and let the AI work its magic.

For a truly custom experience…

Introducing a revolutionary approach to capturing memories, where our artists create custom prompts, inviting you to shape your own visual narrative and create a truly bespoke experience.

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