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3 Photo GIFs, Animated Borders or Animated Backgrounds

ILEA Light Swirls from ILEA Boston
Photos In Motion...

Our GIF Booth has exploded in popularity over the last few years. Perhaps it is because these crazy three second videos are perfect for sharing to social media, email or text, or maybe because it’s a load of FUN!! The Booth is offered with multiple style GIFs: a simple 3 photo GIF, an animated border or logo, or an animated background. We also offer BOOMERANG videos – those crazy back and forth videos!! We can make any photo booth session come to life. As a result, you can watch the internet come alive with your viral awesomeness!!

GIF Booth Boston - GIF Booth rental
Haunted Carnival from Willowdale Estates Halloween Bash
Disco light GIF from ILEA Live
ILEA 60s themed GIF ILEA LIve
olympics 3 photo GS GIF
80's themed GIF from ILEA Live